Advices for the Doman’s method

We are very happy to know that you care about your child development and use “The Doman’s flashcards” application. We do hope that these lessons bring you and your child a lot of pleasure. We would like to give you several more advices in order to increase the effectiveness of this method:

  • 1. Start the lessons when your child is full of energy and in a good mood.
  • 2. Compliment your baby by the end of every lesson. You can say that you are proud of his or her success and how much you love your baby. You should also express your appreciation physically in a form of a hug, kiss or caress.
  • 3. Do not try to bribe your child with candies or anything like that. Your love and attention are far more important.
  • 4. Do not let your child get bored. Show the flashcards fast (one card per second). If the teaching process is too slow, your kid will get tired and bored soon.
  • 5. Start teaching from the “body” topic and then move to the subjects with which the child is familiar.
  • 6. Do not organise any exams
  • 7. Control the child’s engagement and interest. It’s better to show fewer cards than the child wants. You should also stop the process if kid gets too distracted.
  • 8. We have also added letters to the flashcards. Although Glenn Doman does not recommend using them, as he considers letters are too complex and abstract for a child to learn. If you wish, you could follow Glenn Doman’s advice too. Yet, we have practiced it with our daughter and achieved some pretty good results. She memorized them fast and started to recognize letters in books, newspapers and everywhere.
  • Enjoy your learning sessions together!