The Glenn Doman’s Method: early children development

Glenn Doman is an American physical therapist who has devoted his entire life to the field of child brain development. His method is based on theory that one needs to stimulate just one sense (either sight or sound) in order to activate the brain.

Everything has started from studies of treatment and recovery of children. They were shown the paper cards with words (which were printed in big red font) and pronounced one by one. Such lessons lasted for several seconds each but they were conducted dozens time a day. After going through this treatment, children started to read and move.

Generally speaking physical activities were the priorities in Glenn Doman’s practice, since he proved that they stimulate mental development in return.

The outstanding results showed that sick children reached the level of healthy children. Shortly after, this method was applied to healthy children as well. The results were impressive: small children learned reading, counting and picked up any subjects much faster than their peers. Encyclopedic knowledge of these children as well as physical development was on higher level too.

Would you like your child to have a well balanced growth and development by using full potential? Well, it’s a rhetorical question. Every parent wants that. Let’s find out what we really can do at home by ourselves.

First let’s have a look at the theory.

The Glenn Doman’s early development program consists of 4 main areas.

1. Physical development. Child should have a possibility to move freely right from the birth. Physical therapists recommend supporting and encouraging a child to move, climb, crawl, walk and so on. According to Doman any dynamic gymnastics as well as any physical activities will serve a very strong background for the future.

2. Learning to read. This area is based on demonstration of cards with words printed in big red font on a white background. In the beginning a kid should be shown the cards with simple things surrounding a child in a daily life and then adjectives and verbs (actions). Consequently, a child will perceive a whole word visually and imagine its meaning in the head. You can read more about this method in the book “How to teach your baby to read” written by Glenn Doman.

3. Learning to count. This method is based on demonstration of cards with red circles (from 1 to 20 first). A child sees the difference in quantity and learns what “quantity” stands for. This is done without numbers which would look rather ambiguous and difficult to the baby. Owing to this method children learn counting much faster.

4. Establishing an encyclopedic knowledge foundation by showing different series of images to a baby. The key requirements for images printed on these cards are: clear, large and truthful. The background has to be white and the size of the card should be 27×27 cm. The last recommendation related to the size of a card is not very important as many parents print them out on their own or buy them. Computer programs and applications can still adjust to a suitable size.

The flashcards are divided into categories, minimum 10 cards in each. For instance category “animals” contains flashcards of dog, cat, cow and etc. At first it would be enough to demonstrate the cards and afterwards add sentences describing it or containing that word (10-12 sentences altogether).

Development of the Doman’s method and its followers

This method has been successfully used for over 6 decades and applied to numerous children. Over this time it has earned valid credits from the scientists, many of which used the method as a foundation for children brain studies. As a result there is a whole variety of different materials which can also be used by parents (children sets such as “ABC book from the birth”, “Math from the birth”, different games, puzzles and sets of cards).

Yet, there are also opponents of the Doman’s method who provide different arguments against it. Therefore parents have to make a decision whether this method is useful for their child or not based on the child’s reaction to it.

The advantage of the “Doman’s Flashcards” Application is that you don’t need to spend your time for creating the cards or money for purchasing the set.

You can easily download the Application for Android devices here: